How To Plan a Birthday Party For Kids in 5 Simple Steps

How To Plan a Birthday Party For Kids
How To Plan a Birthday Party For Kids

How To Plan a Birthday Party For Kids in 5 Simple Steps

Making a Plan for a birthday party for kids can be exhausting! There are tons of thing to do, so many things to take care of from selecting the right birthday theme to choosing the right birthday outfits.

As a parent, I know the struggle and how is it to be in the middle of a plan a birthday party for kids!  You always looking for to make the birthday party memorable for your child every time and make sure that he or she will remember it for the rest of their life. And for that matter, I will make sure to explain to you how to plan the perfect birthday party for your child in the most simple ways in five steps so let’s get into it.

1.   Select Girls Birthday Party Themes

Well, it won’t be such a great birthday party if you select the wrong theme right? For that matter, you need to dig deep into your daughter’s life and you have to know and understand what she is really into, you can tell that by her friends or the kind of TV-shows that she’s watching or the posters on her room and personal stuff… and this can be done as well in case if you’re planning a boy birthday party.

Once you have a good idea of what your kid love and passionate about, you can look further for more details on Pinterest or just use google on what will make a great party in that hobby.

Some of the most Popular Birthday Party Themes for Girls

  • Modern Barbie Party from the Party Dress Princess
  • Glamorous Pink and Gold Party Frozen (the movie)
  • Frozen Birthday Party Cupcake
  • Pony/Cowgirl
  • Donuts and Daisies Party
  • Carnival/Circus
  • Ballerina Party
  • Barbie
  • Hello Kitty

2.   Select Girls Birthday Party schedule & Date

Well, this is the tricky part in the process of Plan a Birthday Party For Kids, at this point you need to how much exactly you want to spend, what’s your budget and how many things you want to do it yourself, so get a pen and paper and make these points:

what are the things you are capable of doing them yourself
Where do you want to throw this party
how many kids and their parent that your gonna have coming.

When it comes to the location of the birthday party, it is okay to have the party at home matter of fact it’s better to do it at home, you can do everything in the comfort of your own home.

Because then you don’t have to worry about anything whether it can be the timing or the fear of getting something break and you have to pay for it.

However, you do have to do all the cleaning that comes after party especially with those wild kids.

And if you are determined on not having the birthday party at home, the next best option is the public parks but only if you can predict the weather precisely otherwise you’re up with a disaster because the kid doesn’t understand that you had nothing to do with the weather.

Another option is to rent an indoor venue. Some places will only provide space while you have to bring your own food and entertainment. But you won’t have to worry about cleaning before and after. Some kids birthday party venues are all-inclusive meaning they will provide space, food, and entertainment.

To find a party venue, simply do a google search or you can ask your friends and co-workers, you will absolutely find a near place that suits you and your guests.

Last option is to host a party at your home but pay for entertainment. Such as clowns or small magicians that can do killer tricks that get the kids thrilled.

3.   Make Sure to Send Birthday Party Invitations

People are getting exhausted throughout the week due to their busy lives, and when I say people I mean everyone your friends, my friends’ everybody!

That’s why it is always to give them heads up about your child’s important day so they can schedule it in their weekly plan. Otherwise, you will receive tons of explication for what’s been basically your mistake.. this is not how to Plan a Birthday Party For Kids.

Really it’s not that hard to do just send the invitations within the week and there Two great places to order kids birthday party invitations “Etsy and Tiny Prints” and they can have the invitations custom made according to the party theme.
PS: Add notes to the invitations that they have to arrive a bit earlier let’s say 20 minutes.

4.   Pick a Perfect Birthday Girl Outfit

This is the most fun part of the process!  You will need to select a cute birthday girl outfit that coordinates with your birthday party theme.

Some of my most favorite brands for cute birthday outfits for girls are Mustard Pie Clothing, Giggle Moon clothing, Ooh La La Couture, Persnickety Clothing clothing and Lemon Loves Lime.

Lemon Loves Lime designs the cutest numbered birthday girl t-shirts that can be coordinated with a Lemon Loves Lime ruffle skirt or a cute skirt. Ooh, La La couture birthday dress is another cute option for a birthday girl dress.

You can complete your cute birthday girl outfit with a pair of lovely Joyfully shoes or Livie and Luca shoes.

If you would like to have an absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind outfit for your birthday girl, a good place to look is Etsy. There are hundreds of sellers who can design and create a perfect outfit that your girl absolutely will love.

If you are planning to custom-order an outfit, do it a few weeks in advance that way you can give yourself the luxury of doing something else.

5.   Plan Birthday Party Decoration According to the theme

For this, Pinterest is such a great place to find thousands of kid’s birthday parties, cakes, decorations, crafts, food and more, but I must say.

If you are planning on having this birthday party at your house then you are free to be creative and make whatever you like because at the end of the day it’s your mess to clean right?

But if you’re doing it on the park it might be better to pick less decoration just stick with the balloons and tablecloth that coordinate with your party theme.

I hope you find these simple tips useful and most importantly actionable because this is as simple as it gets and remember to have fun at your little one’s party, it should for the both of you, and you can write for your kids a short birthday wishes to give them.