27 Best Birthday Msg For Best Friend – ( Him or Her )

Best Birthday Msg For Best Friend

Here’s a list 27 Best Birthday Msg For Best Friend that you can find to choose from But Before…

Friendship is a holy thing, No matter how far the distance that separates you from buddy’s you can always reach out for them on their special day in the year and send them the best Birthday msg for best friend…Period.

Birthday Msg For Best Friend… Is it important?

Yes!…Relationships like that are meant to be treasured and honored always because in every man or woman life we meet tons of people right? And we make a lot of (temporary friendships) that doesn’t last… people that come and goes over the years.

We make friendships and we end them because not all people are meant to hang out together or share the same interests. Meaning that when you are surrounded by people who don’t share your interest or don’t make you laugh that will make you a lonely person… We all have been there.

birthday msg for best friend
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But if you have that friend who shares your interests and can make you happy ever since you have known his or her… that’s a keeper.

Because it’s very hard to find honest funny people that you can count on them and open your doors for them.

Since it’s her or his birthday, everybody in your community circle is going to say to him or her “nice things” because he is just a friend…
But certainly not to you… He or she is your BEST FRIEND… That’s why you have to send him the best Birthday msg for best friend and Best Birthday Wishes too.

That’s why you have to think outside the box and send him/her best birthday msg that you know it will stick in his mind… why?

Because you know him better than anybody else right!

We at Birthdayfeed we have brought to a collection of the best and unique birthday msg for best friend to send and you can choose what’s the best one for you according to your relationship with that person (you know what touch his/her hart)…

List of The 27 Best Birthday Msg For Best Friend

1- God is so wise that he never created friends wish price tags, if he did, I wouldn’t have been able to afford a precious friend like you, happy birthday my friend!

2- Everyone has a friend during each stage of life.

But only lucky ones have the same friends in all stages of life, Happy Birthday!

3- May your life be like good wine… Tasty, Sharp & Clear and like good wine may it improve with every passing year… Happy Birthday!

4- You may not be the only friend I have, But you are definitely the only friend that I need… Happy Birthday!

5- Birthdays come around every year, But friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you are in my life, Best wishes on your Special day!

6- No matter how many ups and downs we face, I will always stand by your side, Hammy Birthday!

7- May every Birthday remind you the number of people who LOVE YOU and can’t do without you… I’m one of them! Happy Birthday <3

8- Happy Birthday And Believe Me, No One Can Wish a Better Happy Birthday Than Me

9- My dear best friend, Happy Birthday… Thanks for being part of my life!

10- Dear best friend, Happy Birthday and Thank you for putting up with me for laughing at my terrible jokes for sharing your food with me
for protecting me for always being there for me for telling me the truth always for the friendship we’ve shared and for everything I love you, you’re the best!

11- Happy Birthday to my amazing beautiful fabulous best friend!

12- Happy birthday my crazy wonderfull hilarious and truly amazing best friend

13- Happy Birthday! I’m so lucky to have a special friend like you may all your birthday hopes and wishes come true!

14- You know all about me, I know all about you, We’re best friends… Since we read each other’s mind I don’t need a creative message!

15- Best friends never need to be told they are the best friends…So, I don’t need to tell you right? Have a Fantastic birthday buddy!

16- You are an amazing friend with a good heart, May God pour his love and warmth on you in all walks of life… Happy Birthday!

17- Happy Birthday! Hope your birthday is as wonderful and extraordinary as you are!

18- Happy Birthday! Here’s to a bright, healthy and exciting future!

19- Wish you all the best and many birthdays to come! Happy Birthday

20- I’m so lucky to have a friend like You, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dear Friend!

21- Happy Birthday! I love having a wonderful friend like you in my life. My wish for you this year is to be surrounded by joy and beauty!

22- Happy Birthday! Even if we can’t see each other that much, know that I’m thinking of you and hoping your day is filled with all joy and happiness

23- Special friends are a rare find, But I’m glad that you are one of mine! Happy Birthday to a friend I’ll never forget.

24- Hope your Special day Brings you all that your heart desires, Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises! Happy Birthday My dear best friend.

25- Here’s to another year of laughing until it hurts dealing with stupid people and keeping each other moderately sane, Happy Birthday best Friend ever!

26- Thinking of you on your birthday and hoping that all the happiness you’ve given to others will return to bless you a thousand fold. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear best friend

(And the best for last…)

27- As your best friend, I’ll save you from all the problems that life throws at you except one – Getting old. Don’t believe me? take a look in the mirror… Happy Birthday