74 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend to Light up Their Birthday

74 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Why not send Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend on their birthdays? aren’t you bored to send that same regular Birthday Wishes for Close Friend?

See Without friends, we probably could not have come this far. However, there’s that one friend who is close, perhaps closer.
For their unique companion, they are the most special, best of friends to us. When it is their birthday, leave them with perfect memories and give them new hope for the coming years ahead.

Make their day count by making them smile or Laugh Out Loudly.
Check out our collection of Funny birthday wishes for friend to bring happiness, joy and endless pleasure for their birthday.

Spread the happiness on their birthday by cracking jokes. Our composition enlists 74 funny birthday wishes for best friend to make them laugh regardless of their ages. Let them archive the memory and smile all day once they retrieve it year on.
So let us look at some of the categories in this rundown, to remind your best friends that you are ever hilarious.

74 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Top 10 Funny Birthday Wishes For best friend:

01. Happy birthday dude! I have had this feeling for long, wanted to feel young and thin. So could we go hang out with some old, fat people?

02. Tonight I’m going to share Funny birthday wishes for best friend with you on how to stay young around people; keep lying about your age…Happy Birthday

03. Two old men had this conversation while in a park. One says, “John, I’m 90 years old with nothing but aches and pains. How are you feeling? John says, “I feel much of a newborn!” “A newborn?” “Yes of course! I have no hair, no teeth and I might have wet my pants couple times!” Happy Birthday!

04. Happy Birthday, dude, they say so often that age is just a number. Right? And don’t you think jail is only a room? HBD

05. No more fuss on your Birthday! It is better to be a year older as opposed to being one month late. Happy Birthday

06. Congratulations! This funny birthday wishes for best friend goes to someone who only looks a year older than you were on your last birthday!

07. May you live to enjoy many more birthdays, so people might wonder if you’re the great walking dead! Happy Birthday, Man.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

08. Don’t let the 25-year-old Olympic gold medalist make you feel much of a failure today. Happy Birthday.

09. I am so sorry that you have reached the age where top marketers may never target you anymore. Sorry indeed! Happy Birthday

10. Congratulations on reaching this age where your receding hairline seems more appropriate than ever. Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Amazing 20 Funny Birthday wishes for best friend to light-up their heart

11. Forgetting your birthday would be merely an April Fool’s trick. But fortunately, I did. In that case, disregard this message. Anyway, I wish you a Happy Birthday

12. As you celebrate your birthday, please remember to tell us how old you are pretending to be. The charade has to keep going! Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

13. Congratulations on attaining an age that makes you cry more than you did the first day you came into this world. Happy Birthday.

14. I am really sorry for sending you a belated birthday wish. Sincerely I never thought you’d live this long. Happy Birthday, dude.

15. I am sending this funny birthday wishes for best friend, who is now taking drugs for serious medal issues. Happy Birthday!

16. Today being your birthday, remember that age is a representation of how happy, attractive and able-bodied you have become. No need to get worked up! Happy Birthday.

17. Three basic things happen as we get old. One, you tend to lose your mind. Oops! I can’t remember the rest. Wish you a Happy Birthday.

18. Sending a happy birthday wish to a friend who should start thinking about what the government says about Medicare.

19. The best thing about friends is that they stick around. I know you received many wishes yesterday, but who’s here with you today? That should be Me! Happy Birthday.

20. You probably know they say that age is really in mind! But the deal is to prevent it from trickling into your entire body. An all Happy Birthday.

21. Congratulations on having been born a long time ago. Haha! Happy Birthday

22. You can only be as old as you feel man. But on your birthday today, I want you to remember that you will be older than me! Happy Birthday.

23. With ever rising Cost of Living, you only know you’re getting old when the cost of candles is way higher than the cost of birthday cakes. Happy Birthday!

24. Even though these are funny birthday wishes for best friend, it is your birthday today. It reminds me too that I am also getting older. Hope you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.

25. Since today you’ll be turning 27, I must promise to never count again after this one. Happy Birthday.

26. I wish you the best on your birthday as possible as it can be, especially for someone who barely offers nothing to the society. Happy Birthday.

27. Funny birthday wishes for best friend this month goes to only you! You look as old as the last selfie that you took.

28. Today being you Birthday, why don’t we see Jurassic World? I know it will make you feel less of a dinosaur! Happy Birthday.

29. I had all the plans to send you a paper card, but my internet connection just set in time for me to send this message through. Happy Birthday.

30. It’s another year for a celebration. It’s your birthday! You have reached an age where we can use the candles on the cake to illuminate the entire home. Happy Birthday.

Other Heart-touching funny birthday wishes for best friend to crack jokes on

31. I am sending this funny birthday wishes for best friend boy who can barely contain themselves for a whole movie session without visiting the bathroom. Age is catching up with you man! Happy birthday on this special occasion.

32. I wish your birthday is filled with joy, happiness, and fun. But wait, Sorry! You are spending it with your family! Sorry!

33. I hope you get old until your family members can’t worry anymore whether you’re there or not! Happy Birthday before it gets to that point!

34. Hey there – don’t stress about getting too old. You’re way too young to be a curler. I hope that says something too! Happy Birthday.

35. Happy birthday dear, I had wanted to buy you a present, but I didn’t think you wanted me to spend any coin out of the whiskey budget! Happy Birthday.

36. I am only sending you this Funny Birthday wish for best friend male because I hope you are not in mid-life crisis! Happy Birthday

37. My birthday wishes go to someone who should now know that they are too old to go surfing and snowboarding! Happy Birthday Dude

38. Congratulations for being so old! You will always need performance-enhancing drugs to ride stationary bikes. Happy Birthday though.

39. Happy birthday for making it this far to use your smartphone for an actual phone call only.

40. Wishing my warm, sincere birthday wishes to someone who’s old enough to have had sent a birthday message on MySpace. Happy Birthday.

41. It has been a norm for people to earn respect for getting older. I should let you know that today on your Birthday, You have all my respect in the world. Happy Birthday.

42. Happy Birthday. Something special though, they say that wisdom comes with age. That’s the sole reason why you are the only wises person I know. Happy Birthday.

43. You look great Birthday King! Considering your age, you are. Happy Birthday.

44. This year’s funny birthday wishes for best friend male all goes to you. Don’t worry about anything. I won’t tell anyone your exact age! Your secret is already safe with me. Happy Birthday.

45. You have always acted mature, but on your birthday today, I ask you to act your age. Not your shoe size! Hope you follow. Happy Birthday, man.

46. This must have been the oldest I have seen you ever. But wait until next year. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

47. I know you have had problems remembering your birthday. But if you want to remember forth, you should start looking older. Happy Birthday.

48. Happy belated Birthday Best friend? It is not that I forgot it was your birthday. I just forgot yesterday’s date. Happy Birthday.

49. You know what, I tried to send you the most funny birthday wishes for best friend, but they could not fit in any of the post office boxes. Happy Birthday, dude.

50. Don’t worry about this belated birthday message. When I think about it, I’m technically already covered for next year’s birthday. Happy Birthday though.

51. On this special day on your birthday, I am not going to lie to you that you are not getting old or looking old. Your relatives can savage you on that. It is in fact what they are meant for! Happy Birthday.

52. Friends are a life gem. You are such polite, sweet and honest. I hope you will accept my funny birthday wishes for best friend male plus these white lies.

53. It doesn’t come through so well, for a fact, I hate it that I have to tell you this. But your rocking chair will be arriving tonight. Happy Birthday!

54. I know you have always wanted to turn back the clock. But with the many years you have racked up, it becomes even more impossible. You cannot achieve any of that! Happy Birthday Anyways!

55. I have no ill intentions. I hope you won’t mind, but I truly re-wrapped the gift you sent me on my birthday. I know you will love it too. Happy Birthday

56. Happy birthday to you. I know it has never been creepy to watch Vampire movies than it will be. I can only hope your choices will shift. Happy Birthday.

57. This might seem like one of those nasty or funny birthday wishes for best friend, but that depends on who we are. I just picked your coffin as I was coming through. Have fun and enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.

58. Congratulations! You must now be canceling your rock concert schedules. Happy Birthday.

59. I am glad you know you are getting old when you can barely remember your age. Happy Birthday.

60. I thought it would have been a nice idea of a perfect gift to put an awesome and sweet funny birthday wishes for best friend boy on your birthday cake. But honestly, I did not want to frost my hair. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

61. Wow! I know it is great to be healthy, strong, you and energetic. But can you remember how that was like really? Happy Birthday, Friend.

62. It time to light up all the candles on your cake. Don’t worry. I have already notified the fire department. Happy Birthday.

63. You must concur that you are way too old to know anything better. But you are still too you to do it though. Happy Birthday! Have a blast.

64. In as much as it’s your birthday, it is important to smile and laugh out as you can do. You have no clue how long you’ll have those teeth! Happy Birthday.

65. I can only wish you that you have many more candles on your birthday, plus a big cake enough to fit all those candles on it. Happy Birthday best friend.

66. It is always normal to think over your life’s purpose and have a crisis on your birthdays. This way you are normal just one day among the rest of the year. Happy Birthday.

67. I have been to so many birthdays, and I try to give out birthday cards that match each of the person’s age. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find a stone tablet. However, this modern funny birthday wishes for best friend will also do. Happy Birthday.

68. On your Birthday today, I would like to emphasize that it’s not this particular day that makes you old. It is the other 364 days in the same year. Happy Birthday.

69. I must be honest with you, this morning I wished if you could be just one year older. But look, my wish just came true! Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

70. I can only wish you enough air to make all the candles blow out! Happy Birthday.

71. Happy Birthday, dear, as we add a new candle on your cake, I am sorry your doctor will have to fix a new prescription to your arsenal of prescriptions. Happy Birthday.

72. You know that you are getting old when you don’t want the slightest recap of any of your birthdays. Happy Birthday, man.

73. As has always been, I have both good and bad news on your birthday! The good news is that you are getting a year old and wiser for that matter. The bad news, the hangover is going to be nothing less, so do make the best of it. Happy Birthday.

74. I’m not sure whether you are a year old yet, but you sure need more kids to blow out the candles! You are just over the hill. Happy Birthday, dude.

When it comes to best friends, you have no reservations for each other. But the only way you could pay back the loyalty and friendship is through laughter.

Use any combination of our top funny birthday wishes for best friend or try to find more at Pinterest and let them know you are still hilarious!