Happy Birthday Wishes to my Lovely Sister Birthday and Family a bond of unconditional love and undemanding relationships.

Every relationship has its unique presence is one’s life. A person can have many relatives in life however, the closest ones are a mother, sister, brother, father, spouse, and grandparents.

Women play many life roles and one of them is being a sister. While being a kid learning to make friends, the first friend we make in our life is our sibling brother or sister.

Eventually, to make our relationships special with our siblings say, sister. We celebrate the day they were born.

Presenting the happiness, we have acquired from their presence in our life. Birthday is a day of being happy and show our joy in having a lovely sister or brother.

Why Send Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister?

Sisters are more supportive then brothers, they are understanding and authoritative Apparently, sister can be counted as replacement of the entire family in terms of understanding and support. No matter how much you fight with your sister, defying all the odds they will stand by your side protecting and caring for you the day I got a Sister The day one is born, the most celebrated day of the year in one’s life.

Now a day’s birthday wishes parties and celebrations are common In today’s world like Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend, wishing happy birthday is also a kind of meter to judge the value of one’s position in the life of the wisher, absurd I know.

However, birthday wishes can also make someone’s day if wished by someone important. It makes the receiver realize their importance of existence in one’s life and holds the feel of perception of a good future for the birthday person.

People perhaps wait for midnight just to share their birthday wishes with the birthday person to be the first one to wish Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Best Friend in comparison to sister or family is apparently cold.

Birthday wishes There are many ways a wish can be shared with the birthday person like a virtual birthday card, paper birthday card, gifts, and list go on, It’s not always required that a birthday wish should be serious and soft.

Birthday’s are the way to thank nature for a gifting a precious person like sisters or Birthday Wishes For Lover. Everyone in the world wants to thank the nature and presence of a specific person in one’s life.

Wishes are the words holding the true feeling of someone’s existence and their support, friendship Words in wish can be funny, cute, sarcastic depending on the relationship you hold with the person who is to be wished Our relationship with a sister is full of love and hate perhaps more love.

Birthday wishes for a lovely sister should never the less be the best birthday wishes. Wishes for a sister should have the essence of your relationship with your sister, like;

“You’re an amazing sister, I wonder who I would tease without you. Happy Birthday!”

There are hundreds of wishes to amuse your sister on her birthday. From lovely birthday wishes to tease birthday wishes. A wish should make the hearer happy and create a feeling of love and importance.

10 Heart Whelming Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister

“Dear sister, you have been both a pain and joy in my life, perhaps a greater joy. Happy Birthday!”

“l am glad to have an amazing sister like you, you have filled my life with joy and cheer in too many ways to remember. Happy Birthday! “

“Sister thank you for being the rainbow of my life in my rainy days, you form the most beautiful patterns full of vibrant colors in the kaleidoscope of my life. Happy Birthday! “

“Thank you for being there in my life every time I had a fall, holding your soft hands give a vital support. Happy birthday!”

“Mistakes are part of our life, we mistake and learn from them. Thank you for being my teacher when I made the mistakes. I intend to make mistakes my entire life in hope to get corrected by you. Wishing you a happy and prosperous life, Happy birthday! “

“Celebrating your birth and the fact that today I got to be a brother of an amazing sister like you today. Happy birthday dear sister”

“Theologically you’re the best thing ever happened to me, wishing a very happy birthday to the best sister “

“While growing up, you were a blister for me. Now you’re the one I talk to when other people annoy me. Happy birthday, sister!”

“Sisters like you make the world a better place, many many happy returns of the day sister!”

“Eventually the sun will stop shinning one day but my love for you will go beyond infinity, have a wonderful birthday”

12 Best Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister To Make Her Laugh

“Forget about the past it can’t be changed, forget the future it can’t be predicted, forget about the present I didn’t get one for you”

“Mirrors don’t lie, hope you realize the truth on your birthday and I got a makeup kit for you. Happy Birthday!”

“l will not reveal the truth of your looks because I don’t want you to blemish your appetite for cake”

“Happy birthday to a totally awesome, gorgeous, funny person, sort of reminds me of myself, you own it all to me. Happy birthday to a fabulous sister”

“Dear sister you’re so sweet, lovely and a total blister, don’t get angry! Just trying to make my wish funny, Happy birthday sister!”

“You’re such a sweet and gorgeous sister. I am not trying to make you feel better about your age, maybe a little. Happy birthday elder sister! “

“I’ll not make any jokes related to age, I don’t want to hurt you on your birthday. Happy 30th birthday Sister! “

“l wish everything you deserve for you or something you actually want instead. Happy birthday!”

“Wisdom comes with age as we know and you’re one of the wisest people I know. Happy Birthday!”

“Hey sister, a piece advice on your birthday. Keep telling everyone you’re 18 with a couple of decades experience. Wishing you a very happy birthday”

“It’s your time to be in the book of old records and you always thought that you don’t amount to anything Happy Birthday dear sister!”

“Congratulations on another trip around the sum Happy birthday sister!”

11 Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister That Stand Out

“When people say I am good looking and a great person, I feel your presence deep inside me. Happy birthday”

“You always knew what’s going on my mind. With the years passing by we are growing wiser, I know our bond will get stronger irrespective of what my life has stored for us. Happy birthday, sister! “

“To have a sister like you is to have a lifetime companion, who loves you for what you are. Thank you for being a darling sister, Happy birthday! “

“Friends may come and go throughout a life, but family stays forever. I am glad to have such a wonderful sister by my side. I can’t imagine someone else in your place as my sister. Happy birthday, Sister!”

“Unique as a snowflake, a blister, bossy and most importantly lovable, all in one. I am privileged to have a remarkable sister like you”

“l admired you while we were growing up and still do as we grow older. Happy birthday my role model, you always showed me how it’s done with style!”

“No star shines brighter than you do because you don’t only stand out of the crowd, you’re a radiance of kindness and generosity. Thanks for being the spark of my life!”

“When I look back at our childhood, I only have heart-warming memories of our times together. It’s a great feeling to know that we have more years to create many more enjoyable memories together. Happy Birthday, sister!”

“You’re a good person, an amazing friend, and a wonderful sister. The world is a better place because it has you in it. Wishing the joy-bringer in my life a very happy birthday!”

“You are everything I could ever wish in a sister: darling, giver and loving. Thank you for filling my life with joy and love. Happy birthday!”

“All my favorite memories of childhood have one thing in common, that is you, my sister. You made my childhood way better, however, it’s my future I look forward to sharing with you!”

12 Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister For an Amazing Future

“Wishing you a bigger, better and brighter years ahead. May your every wish come true and you may only have happiness and love throughout the year. Happy Birthday!”

“Wish your birthday is choke full of moments that fill your life with peace and love. I wish for every joy to be in your life on your special day, Happy Birthday!”

“On your special day, I wish and ask you to make self-promise of doing all that you can do in life. Get started time is on the rum Happy Birthday!”

“l wish you endless happiness and unimaginable joy on your birthday. Happy Birthday, sister!”

“l feel so lucky to have such a thoughtful sister. The bond we share is irreplaceable. I hope your birthday is full of joy, wonder and delight”

“l hope your biggest wishes come true on this special day and all your fears are laid to rest forever”

“You’ll never be the same age again, so enjoy every moment of it. Think of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved this past year. You’ve walked a long way! Be proud and start this new chapter, year, off with a bang! Make this birthday as amazing as you are! Happy birthday my sweet sister!”

“Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister, who has only brought joy and love into my life. I wish everything you deserve and much more in life”


“Every candle on your cake which brings a wish to you, for lots and lots of happiness in everything you do. Adding a candle every year on your birthday cake adds a new wish for you. Happy birthday, sister!”

“Good wishes for a day, Good wishes for the year, good wishes for a future full of joy and happiness. Happy birthday, sister! Cheers!”

“A lovely wish for the best sister in the world. May God fill your life with love, happiness, wealth and good fortune. Happy Birthday sweet sister!”

15 Most Teasing Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lovely Sister 

“On your birthday, I want you to remember that you’re only as old as you feel. But you’ll always be older than me. Happy birthday, sister!”

“Sister is a lot like homework, a necessary evil. It’s annoying but it helps you learn so much. Thanks for being the best teacher of my life. Happy Birthday, sister!”

“Happy Birthday sister! Be assured, your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell anyone how old you really are!”

“l used to have a sweet little sister and now I have you. Happy Birthday!”

“Dear sister, please accept my wishes on the 15th anniversary of your 20th birthday!”

“Keep working hard younger sister and one day you may end up being like me. Keep trying! Happy Birthday!”

“Happy Birthday sister! One day I’ll repay you for all the headaches you’ve given me. But I’ll start thinking about it tomorrow.”

“On your birthday, I want to say for all the time I have teased I’m sorry, and ask for forgiveness for all the times I’m going to tease in the future”


“Happy Birthday to one old fart from another! We are so blessed to grow old and senile together. Who knows — we might even get to be roommates in the old age home!”

“Happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey and belong to a zoo! There ya go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!”

“Sometimes you’re a thorn in my side, the worm in my apple and the pimple on my chin but through thick and thin you’ll always be my sister! Happy birthday to someone silly, spontaneous, beautiful and witty!”


“Pharmaceutical companies should take a few swabs of your DNA and bottle its chemical composition to create a product called the emotional healer, Happy Birthday sister!”

“You’re the best sister and most special sister because we’re the same size and so I have double the wardrobe! Have a lovely birthday, Sis!”

“Dear sister, I love you with all my heart! I’ll never leave your side and you can always count on me to be there at the most important times. Predominantly because we’re related, and I have no other choice! Happy Birthday!”

“The best part of being your sister is having a best friend almost as pretty as me. Best wishes for the best sister!”

Sisters are much more than a crazy friend, drinking buddy, a cup of awesomeness. Wish your lovely sister a happy birthday to make them realize that you hold an eternal bond and are not only related through blood.