Memorable events happen throughout the year. However, none of those events compares to a birthday. Right? That’s why you have no reason not to celebrate with your family, friends, and loved ones. No matter the relation with the birthday person, sending them world best birthday wishes is an exceptional way to express your emotions.

Are Those World Best Birthday Wishes?

There are no limits to creativity, However, it might be difficult to craft a compelling, unforgettable birthday wish, message or quote. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re best at! We have put together top 40 world best birthday wishes for that special person.

Read through each category to identify that heart-touching birthday wishes for your close friend.

Top 10 World best Birthday wishes for your Family, friend, and loved ones.

  1. When everything doesn’t go right, I always find someone to go to. You are the best friend I can rely on for everything. Happy Birthday!

  1. Spending time with you has been a source of great joy, I wish that today be the best of them all. Happy, Happy Birthday.

World Best Birthday Wishes 1

  1. You are that person who has my back always. No matter what you go through, I will still have your back. Happy Birthday, friend. Love you.

  1. Congratulations Bro for your Birthday. You are now old enough to take a motorbike with your galfie. Kidding though, Happy Birthday.

  2. You are a winner for having come through your worst. Here’s yet another fantastic year to go to your best. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

  3. Smile, smile Mommy, your smile is still sparkling even though you have few teeth remaining. Your smile always warms my heart. This is world best birthday wishes for my Mom.

world best birthday wishes 12

  1. As the seasons come and go, so does years. It’s yet another year. However, I wish you more candles and cakes on your Birthday. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

  2. It is beyond theoretic proof that those who live longer celebrate many birthday wishes. Happy Birthday.

  3. As the years go by as you advance in age, you give us more love, security, and blessings. I wish you the best of world best birthday wishes on your birthday, Papa.

  1. My childhood could not be memorable were it not for you Bro, you sacrificed your fun to be with me. We can only celebrate your birthday together. Happy Birthday, Brother.

world best birthday wishes 1

Top 20 world best birthday wishes for your loved ones.

  1. Happy Birthday, Sister, let’s light your candles, cut your birthday cake as a celebration of your birthday. It’s all party time, Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

world best birthday wishes 5

  1. Daddy, you have done so much for me, I thank you for everything. Today is your Birthday, may blessings, love, and joy come your way. Happy Birthday, Dad.

  2. Life is just too short dear to think everything about the past. Enjoy your present life and live it to the fullest. I wish you the best out of your birthday today. Happy Birthday, buddy.

  3. It brings overwhelming happiness sending world best birthday wishes to my best friend. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Happy Birthday to your 21st birthday.

world best birthday wishes 2

  1. You are yet to achieve all your dreams, Mommy, as you have wanted the best for me. May your Birthday bring extreme joy and happiness with it. Thank you for being there for me. Happy Birthday, Mom.

  1. Today must be the best of your days in your lifetime. Take a leave from work and party it to your best. Do anything that makes you happy. Wishing you all the best on your birthday friend.

  2. May all your destiny wishes come to you today and bring you all that you wished for, dreamt for and savor. Have fun. Happy Birthday.

world best birthday wishes 3

  1. The long-awaited day is finally here dear, may you receive all gifts you hoped for on this particular day. Wishing you the best of Birthdays.

  2. Happy Birthday, Brother, there’s probably nothing much you could do on your birthday. However, you need a cozy, alluring environment to enhance the bliss. I wish you all the best on your birthday. Happy Birthday, Bro.

  3. May this year be a prosperous one to bring more joy in the years ahead. You have been the best friend I could barely describe. Thank you for always taking the lead. Happy Birthday dear friend.

  4. May this special day bring you all world best birthday wishes to light up your heart. Wishing you the best out this big day. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

  5. Happy Birthday little Sister, as you grow older, may God bless you and fulfill your desires. May the solution to your problems come your way and find the strength to fight all odds. May you enjoy your day little darling. Happy Birthday!

world best birthday wishes 4

  1. Its yet another year we take on to celebrate your birthday dad, may you find delight in all that you do. May you get world best birthday wishes on your wealth and health. This day is equally special to me as it is to you. You are my hero. Happy Birthday.

world best birthday wishes 6

  1. I have been thinking year along on the best gift to bring on your birthday but here is a sweet word on your birthday. I love you! Happy Birthday dear friend.

world best birthday wishes 7

  1. There’s entirely nothing you could do about the pain suffered, ignorance set upon you or any other negativity. Forget all that and move forward. It is yet a new year to celebrate your life. I wish you the best on your Birthday Bro.

  2. Make a memory out of the crazy #YOLO hashtag. You Only Live Once. Make every second on this particular day count. Happy Birthday, Friend.

  3. As you cut your cake and blow out your candles, reflect on the many invaluable world best birthday wishes on this big day. We have had the best of life, and we have more to come. Happy birthday, friend.

  4. I may not find an expensive gift on your birthday. However, I wish you all heavenly blessings, joy, and happiness to keep good memories in your life. Specially celebrate your big day. Thank you for all you have done for me, Mommy. You are my angel. Happy Birthday.

world best birthday wishes 8

  1. Happy birthday Dad, You may not know, but as you advance in years, you are becoming more young, handsome and charming. May you live to be evergreen Papa. Happy Birthday.

world best birthday wishes 9

  1. Huh! I did not tell you how startling you looked when we smashed the birthday cake to your face last year. Haha, I hope today’s birthday is much more significant. Happy Birthday, Sister.

Top 10 World Best birthday wishes for your close friend

  1. Happy Birthday, Mum, as you add yet another candle on your cake, May it bring an addition to thousands of reasons to smile every day. I love you, Mommy. Happy Birthday.

world best birthday wishes 11

  1. I have weird thoughts that you would look more startling if all the birthday cake was smashed on your face! Happy Birthday.

  2. I have all the reason to believe in miracles whenever I see you each day Sweetheart. It reminds me of your honesty, trust, and love for us all. Give me the chance to make this particular day memorable. Happy Birthday, Mom.

world best birthday wishes 10

  1. I have all world best birthday wishes on your special day. But I wish you all the best for your birthday. May you find joy, happiness, and blessings. Happy Birthday.

  2. We have grown together doing crazy stupid little things. It is time to do amazingly bigger things. Happy Birthday, friend.

  3. I am confident that your parents are always proud of you. As you celebrate a new year in life, may you keep making them proud of you. Happy Birthday.

  4. Friendship is not about finding a perfect person. But it is about identifying the imperfections and still be the best friends. I value our friendship and may we celebrate our friendship on your special day too. Happy Birthday.

  5. I wish that this day keep coming back into your life for more years to come. I celebrate your life buddy. Happy birthday.

  6. It is a great privilege having you as a close friend. I have thousands of world best birthday wishes for you on this particular day. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to my special soul that never lets my day get gloomy. It is your birthday. Time to party hard. All the best of wishes on your birthday. Happy birthday, dearie.

There you go! If your friend or special person has their birthday coming up, surprise them with one or two of our top 40 world best birthday wishes, and make them feel loved.

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